Thursday, 7 August 2014

日本 2014 (Japan) Part 2: The Child in Me

A continuation of my one week trip to Japan, I had the opportunity to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea.

I had to catch a bus to the Disney train station then catch a Disney train to Disneyland and sea, it is like a world of its own. Upon reaching my destination I was very much reminded of my trip to the Universal Studio, Singapore as the culture and the architectures resemble very much like the ones in USS.

I find that most of the people in Disneyland and sea are actually local Japanese people and that there are fairly good amount of elderly people over there. I guess that in Disney everyone is the same age. (:

There are not much tourists from other countries in Disneyland and sea though, there are in fact a lot of young adults probably students that are still in high school.

There are quite a few rides but I did not really go on all the rides, most of the rides we went on are for children as the people whom I'm with are not ready for extreme rides. The closest one was the mini rollercoaster ride which was quite fun.


At the Disney train station

Entrance to Disneyland

Because it was planned to visit both Disneyland and sea, it would take two days as it is very big. So I had to stay at a hotel nearby.

The window view from the hotel I stayed in

It was quite a long walk from the train station to the entrance, but the scenery is beautiful.

Disney's theme was Spring as Japan is in late Spring. So all the programmes and decorations held that certain theme.

Entrance of Disneyland

Famous Disney castle

We visited Cinderella first

Toy Story town

The Hawaiian village, where Lilo and Stich are.

We boarded a train and went on an expedition of history of Pocahontas, not so much of the Red Indian Princess though it is more of the influence of the Europeans. The narration was done in Japanese.

The evening Spring parade, where I got to see Disney's signature characters real live. There were a lot of dancing, singing, jumping and energy. I love the costumes that the performers were wearing. They did a great job and everyone was hyped up.

Cute lady bunny

This is my favourite because their actions portrayed various characters of Japanese kids

Call me a stalker, but I find that this family is so adorable.

Mickey train!
So that's the end of Disneyland, we took a whole day here. The next day we continued on to Disneysea.

Ariel's castle leading to Agrabah

Aladdin's place


These two kinda look like Ursurla's eels ne?

Explored retro town! so Titanic.

So Itallian!

I've gone on the volcano ride, it is from the movie 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth.' whereby the explorers, escaped the volcano on a dinosaur's skull. The ride was fun but short, I felt that it could have been longer.

The end of the day there was a performance with a short love story, very Broadway as there were singing, dancing and acting. I loved the costumes, the girls were so pretty.

So that is the end of my trip to Disney, stay tuned for part 3.