Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Reflective Journals

I have begun my degree course in early years and I realised that I made an emotional batter about it and it is just the beginning.


I am tired, stressed, hysterical, happy, curious, excited all at once. That is why I said I made an emotional batter out of it, whether I am going to put it in the oven I do not know.

First official class of an early years subject was today, my first class for degree however was not today and is not related to early years. And I am not going to think about that cause it brings out the ugly in me.

So I learned what is a reflective journal and the importance of writing one today, I have an idea of what it is like but I can't seem to bring myself to write one because it always ended up more like a diary than a reflective journal and I get deflated at the end.

I am told that it is very important for an educator to come up with reflective journals and I realised that I would need to practice to get it write. It also seemed that I would have to criticize myself, and I am good at belittling myself informally so much so that I can actually do Sméagol from Lord of the Rings. Yes I am that creepy.

So the problem is that I suck at reflective writing and my solution is to practice the thing and the ways of a critique and do a lot of reviews. But I think I do not possess the time, effort and the motivation to do it.

Nah, I am just coming up with excuses to say I do not want to do it. So therefore what I can do is that I can motivate myself to practice the darn thing and not kill it with excuses unlike the Malaysians do. Oh woe is mine.

I think I kind of did a bit of reflecting there, well umm informally (: and minus the theories that I would in future shove in the reflection somewhere.

So in conclusion, I am just plain lazy. There the Sméagol is emerging, you better run.

P.s. I hope I managed to put it a small element of reflective journaling skills in this post. ehehe

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Children at Bars

Over the past week, I have seen adults at bars and pubs with their children for dinners and suppers.

Is it okay to bring your child to a bar?

NO, it is not okay and I strongly disapprove. I am not happy with what I saw.

I saw children munching away happily on their dinner while their parents either played with their mobile devices or yakking away nonchalantly.

Why? Common sense la.

The ambiance itself is not made for children, the loud speakers and amps might hurt those small ears, chairs and tables are too high even the food is not for children. Need I continue?

I am not saying pubs are bad, I am saying that taking your 5 year old to a bar or pub does more harm than good as there is a thin line on being a 'sporting' parent and damaging your child's core value. But you are entitled to your own opinion,  and this is mine.

Honestly, teachers are puzzled when some parents just love to complain and meddle about us not doing it right when we wonder what goes on at home after dismissal at 12pm on weekdays.

I am merely expressing my disappointment because to me, values are eroding now and to those parents who stick with innocent fun, good on you! (:

But as I said that is my opinion, no pressure.

Feel free to share your opinions with me by commenting, I would love to what you think.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014


There was a time where you would rebel or say anything just to contra authorities like your parents or lecturers. And we wonder why they have so much of complaints *giggles*

So whenever there are rules to follow, you would love to break them or if you are like me, bend them. But most of the times I do not have the guts, so I envy people who have the guts to break them. I do have that side of me I confess, dressing like a biker chick (Harley Davidson *eyes sparkles* Suzuki *salivates*) and listening to the Gazette (Jrock/ Visual Kei) and MCR.

So whenever someone of a higher authority give us questions like "You can't fit an elephant into a fridge right?" everyone will agree with her and I'll say "You can chop it into smaller pieces." Then he or she will give me that expression that say "KYNA, HONESTLY?"


I come up with ridiculous answers most of the time but its fun; and it is only at times. I found out that I am a crossbreed between an introvert and extrovert. How so? I'm an introvert when I am with people whom I do not know and those who are my friends I go nuts. Taadaa!!! Haha.

I only go extreme when I get sugar rush (: and those who know me knows what are the causes.

There are other people who deliberately go against anything and anyone, and they always get reprimanded (ouch!). But they do not care, they still do it. For the dramatic ones, I guess what drives them is their passion for things or the principles that they hold close to heart and I find that admirable.

I believe that there is a small rebel in everyone of us, it just needs to be triggered.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Lesson in Faith, A Level Up in Life

Dear citizens of planet Earth, I have established the understanding of the phrase 'moving on in life'. Yes, everyone has to move on and grow up which can be scary at times because of the unknown.

Recently I have attended what I would like to call it my pre-orientation which is a small orientation before the college/ university decided to surprise you with a tiring and tedious 3-day orientation (Yay).

And they have successfully managed to stress everyone out before our classes began (*applause); having a derogatory sense of humour, the lecturer warned us that we will be scared to our wits at the end of the day and by the time orientation starts we would be going 'Hey, maybe it isn't bad at all.' and she was right, I was at the biting-off-my-finger-nails-stage until now.

I am still young and I do not want to die of stress or eating disorder habits okay.

My dad did a lot of encouragement, reminding me that God is with me and lectured me on my faith. (I felt quite ashamed) So I snapped out of it, and now I tell myself:

Hey! I have God on my side, what is there to be afraid of?
But I am also preparing myself for the fact that I would have a lesser life than other kids my age (Fuhhh kids my age, as if I'm all that lol). I guess that is one thing I find difficult to accept because I might lose my freedom to do the things I love and want to do. But in life we all have to make sacrifices for our priorities.
In short, things are going to be exciting for my family and I this year as we face each challenge with our Father's love.
May you all have a blessed week ahead!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Lunar New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
新年快乐! 恭禧发财! 马到成功!

Pre-new year celebration

The start of every lunar year is different to me and it is mostly on how I celebrate it, one year with my paternal family and another year with my maternal family or another year with my friends. This year is a little different as I realised that the fun is not on the eve of the new year nor is it on the first day, but it is when I start preparing for it.
Specially this year when my family decided to spend it amongst ourselves just the 4 of us, I had fun going out scouting for the supplies. My favourite place is at the night market near my house that only opens every Thursday night before the lunar new year.
I had fun doing my shopping there because there are so many things to see and the smell of food from the food vendors are so strong you can guess what they are selling a mile away especially if its asam laksa haha.
To be honest I did not have the Chinese New Year spirit in me I seriously feel so 'sian' about the whole dragging myself out to crowded areas (I'm not a crowd person) but going to that night market really get me into the Chinese New Year mood.

The Eve

Grandmama sent her famous pineapple tarts and a roasted duck over (yum) and we had half a duck, tossed the Yee Sang and fried rice wrapped with Chinese lettuce (I think, but in Cantonese we call it Sang Choy) for the reunion dinner.
I pigged out.
*feeling guilty*
Then we had a stroll after dinner around our housing area which to our surprise, there were firecrackers and fireworks going off around us, even from the housing area around our housing area (am I confusing you?).
The night air was delicious to the skin, cooling enough not to give you the chills and as we walked we talked about everything possible amongst ourselves. Even my youngest sibling was in her chattering mood which was good as she rarely talk that much.
The best part about the walk was when le sibling and I was standing under the fireworks.
It flew up to the night sky, burst into millions of stars and it rained down on us. I can actually say that it was romantic and I was on a date with my sibling haha.
After that we went back, did some mischief and slept while breaking every rule if it is a normal day.

First day

I woke up late and still am the first to get ready (hohoho) in my new clothes and everything. First day of New Year basically allows you to dress up and get paid when you invade other people's privacy. but we did not go visiting so we lived the lives that only exist on the telly (where they look pretty when sleeping on the bed).
We did not do much just calling relatives over the phone, then some board games like Monopoly then there is the eating and the drinking and the talking and the laughing.
Not much people playing with gunpowder tonight though, what a pity and I thought I could get lucky with my Nikon.
Found ways to keep myself away from boredom

Details like fish scales (:

Monday, 27 January 2014


It has been two years since my last post, this shows that I am not good at time management or too good at prioritising lol!

It's nostalgic when I signed in and re-read all my past post, some even gave me goose bumps and I realised that I missed blogging and releasing all those rants. It is a hobby whereby I have fun and not worry myself over anything. I'm pretty carefree when it comes to things like this.

I figured I should bring you up to speed or summarise what I have been doing these 2 years. A lot had happened and its gonna be a point-form so I would not be going into the nitty-gritty details (and you would not be bored to tears).

Where I ended was Halloween so I shall continue from there.

  1. I am still in the college's dance club but with a responsibility now (secretary). Not much pressure required just a name to fill in the blanks lol.
  2. The siblings are growing like weeds (like dandelions and lalang)
  3. I am not a probate on the road now!!!!!!!
  4. My hair grew, I dyed it red at a point of time and then switched back to a brunette and now I am considering another time maybe?
  5.  I am still having PMSing issues.
  6. I play with makeup quite often but not often enough to feel intimidated by pretty girls.
  7. I am still thin and short (even though I have put on weight)
  8. Loving people is hard but I have made the first step by working at a kindergarten 3 days a week.
  9. The children taught me so many things during my internship in 2013.
  10. I'll keep trying to shine for Him.

Does not sound much but these are the highlights of the two years except for number 5 and 7, in between I have been taking short trips to Ipoh, Port Dickson and Singapore with the family.

Some of the SSDC members from their last showcase

The privilege of being a class teacher

Snippets of significant events of M.I.A

I wonder if people even bother to read my blog, but I am really happy if there is someone out there who takes their time to read it.

Thank you person (:

Monday, 3 December 2012

Halloween 2012

 Before I start anything, I have a confession to make.
This is the first time I have ever consciously dress up for Halloween.
Yes my first time. You don't believe me never mind, I don't care.
It's because I don't celebrate Halloween so yeah but I had the opportunity this year WHEEEEEE!!!
Well it is mainly due to performing FOR Halloween Night in college, so naturally we, the dance club took care of that part of entertainment (:
And I went as this:

Just in case you are wondering what on earth I was trying to be, its a lollita doll (: The contacts refused to go into the other eye so I just gave up trying to force it in lol

Shake your booty bebehs

We performed a mixture of 3 songs which are Volume Up by 4 Minute, some random creepy song and Abracadabra by Brown Eye Girls. Kpop love anyone? (:

We the rag dolls with our puppetiers

After Quixotic's performance, came the raggae performance cheorographed by David. It was a last minute thing and I did not think I could handle it so I did not do raggae sigh~

Gangnam anyone?

We jumped in and did a Gangnam at the end with was surprisingly entertaining for the audiences as I know that Gangnam is over-rated and well people is getting annoyed with Gangnam. Sad because I think it is a nice song and that it is loveable as well, but there are so many parodies on Youtube and people keep saying "Oppa this style" "Oppa that style" till I myself got irritated.

But it's still a cute song, just don't play it too often. haha

After SEGi dance club's performance it is Game Phase's turn to take the stage! So so so sexited cause well it's my friends' band and they are awesome and and and and just AWESOME OKAY. lol

Game Phase from left: Zam (guitarist), Stefan (bassist), Frandy (drummer), Fikri (volcalist)

Mira, Yvonne and me screaming mad like retards

Well it was Halloween, and you need to reward those who did extra effort in dressing up right? The selected victims was invited on stage and forced to do an episode of Gangnam haha and the dance crew went up one by one to show how to do it right!

Bimbo mode: ACTIVATED

Meet the Quixotics

We love cameras okay so camwhore session (:

With Koko

With Win Shien

With Juang (eonnie)

With Yvonne (she super charisma wan!)

Oh my puppet master (:

We the sexy ladies
This is my second time performing for a college event, the first was prom night and from what I have heard, we had improved a lot thanks to the dance studio that we are now allowed to use. Yippy! Looking forward to perform again and well I finally had the opprtunity to fufill my dream in dancing and performing for the world to see haha. okay not the world yet but no harm dreaming (:
Keep on dreaming bebehs, that's how it all begins as Martin Luther King Jr. once said "I have a dream".

Friday, 16 March 2012

Headband Bonanza

Okay I am anticipating that this post will be really short but I am super sexited to share this with you, I was looking for those cute ribbon head band but failed find what I like and even if I did found what I was looking for, I bet your Victoria Secret that the price is sky high.

Everything IS sky high in Malaysia because of the throat-cutting government tax, so pik chik man.(pik chik means fustrated in cantonese)

Anyways I decided to try make my own one haha am so proud of meself.
A close up view of the ribbon

Trigger happy me (:

Have a blessed weekend! Cheerios! ^O^